The Western Demons Diary


Seasons End 2018

Some pics from the days before the game at Optus where we unfortunately got rolled by the Eagles.

What a ride the boys gave us. At the start of 2018 we all would have been happy with improvement ; what we got was the best team performance since 2000.

Biggest thanks to the players for their demon like commitment

Big thank you to the Coaches & Staff ( esp. Peter Jackson retiring ) , volunteers ( esp. Demon Army ) and everyone else that has contributed to make the team a team will love even more in 2019

Looking forward to next year – so GO YOU DEMONS !


Second Semi def HAWKS

Words cant really describe it.

The journey we are on.

We are all with you.

Stay True – Stay Strong.

Go Dees.

First Semi Final def. Cats

Great night at the Paddo. There was a lot of bronx Cheer !


Round 23 2018 – def GWS @ Paddo 


2018 Pre-Game Function.

A big thank you to all those that attended the pre-match function hosted by the Western Demons and MFC. It was a great success and what a day with the AWESOME WIN.

Get down to the Paddo for


Couple of demon dudes at the PADDO for live games  🙂


The Dee’s have been able to deliver four quarter games the last few weeks which has seen them step up to 3rd spot on the ladder. I think that gives us cause to celebrate … Go Dees !

** Breaking the RooVooDoo  **

There would not have been one Melbourne supporter today after the first quarter who would not have thought ‘ oooohh here we go again ‘. The next three quarters saw the Dees execute a game that represented the essence of what AFL is. A game of pressure, perseverence, and hard grit. The Dees knew they had to bring their pressure game today and they did … after the first quarter 😉  The last two weeks have seen the Demons manage to reset later into games, hold strong to their style and win. It has been admirable how the Dees have lifted when required and been able to keep their red legs running to the end.  Credit due where credit is due at the final siren – the Dees as a team broke the 17 game voodoo that the Roos had over us today.

Similar to stand out wins last year , particularily against the Doggies, this game had a nice share of players in the Stats. There were  no fewer than 17 players with more than 15 posessions. Jordon Lewis had a stand out game; always great to see an older player showing the way. Bugg and Kent have been able to etch there way back into the side with both having a great game and also finish the leading goal kickers. Hogan was a hard man to mark for the Roos as we saw him provide big player pressure all around the ground including coming out of back half. Congratulations to all the players as it was a gutsy effort today and a well deserved win by all. No need to mention all the stand out players as there was not much between any of them today. If the ‘team’ can continue to work as a ‘team’ as they did today then the Dees will be able continue to finals footbal this year.

Come & Join Us @ the Paddo!  Good Crew – Good Food & of course a GoodWin……


Round 18 – Def Port 13.10 (88) to 9.11 (65)

This was the interstate round hosted  by MFC. A great weeknd saw a couple of the Western Demons in Melbourne bumping shoulders with awesome Demon supporters from all over Australia.

Pre-game function hosted by the ever reliable Robbo at the The Sporting Globe Richmond. There was plenty of good grub topped off with a cameo appearance by the ‘Angry’ Vince. Bernie got a moderate taosting by Robbo which I am sure he really loved – Onya Bernie !

Then it was off to the G to take up the upgraded ‘Reserve’ Seats to enjoy a victory over Port. The biggest challenge for the day was beating the cold though that pailed into insignificance as the Dees did a courageous job of putting away Port. Great day complimented with a great game – Go Dees !

Down at the Paddo – Def Carlton 2017

A great cliff hanger ! The Dee’s managed get over the line with a side that had a lot of ‘outs’. The team in it’s current form has had to be very versatile and when the likes of Viney, Jones & Watts come back in they’ll all be better for the experience.


Round 22 Def Eagles   15.9 (99) to 14.12 (96)

Going to take a few weeks to get the voice back I think. What more can I say ……. not a lot ! Some pics below kindly provided by Michael.  A great day and huge success !

Round 13 – Def bulldogs  17.11 (113) to 8.8 (56)

Winners are grinners. This match provided us with the best four quarters for the season thus far. There were no less than 11 Goal kickers for the Dees. A great team effort !


On a recent cruise I managed to get the Captain of the Voyager of The Seas to hold up the Dees scarf. Security said he was only taking pictures with passengers who purchased fairly expensive wine packages. I managed to talk him into holding the scarf after a bit of good humoured banter. But wasn’t able to get behind the table with him. The first photo I am trying to convince him while the wine buyers waited, he had a bit of a laugh and then said Melbourne!! a lovely place. At least you can see my Western Demons shirt if not much more of me. I think the effort was worth it in the end. Our traveling group said only you would try that Harper.

Cheers Greg

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