This award is presented to the best Demon player on field when Dees come to play in Perth.  If there are two games then 2 medallions are presented.

The winner of the award also receives a short note about Gordon and his attributes with Melbourne Football Club and Western Demons.


 Gordon joined Melbourne Football Club from Maryborough (Victoria) in 1935, his career being terminated in 1940 on joining the A.I.F.

 He played Centre Half Back in 2 winning Grand Finals in 1939/40 and represented his Club on 2 occasions in interstate matches and was third in the Brownlow Medal count in 1938.

Gordon was a Players’ Representative to the tribunal for some years and was also President of the Former Players’ Association for 5 years.

He became a Life Member of the Melbourne Football Club in 1947 and was an active Demon Supporter for many years.

He came to live in Perth and became a member of the Eagles Premiers Club but still was a keen Demon Supporter.

He was a foundation member of the Western Demons which is the W.A. Supporter Group of the Melbourne Football Club and remained on the committee until he became ill at the beginning of 1999.

Gordon became Patron of the Western Demons, an honour bestowed on him at the Group’s Annual General Meeting held in January 1996, until his death in December 1999.

 This trophy lives on in Gordon’s memory.


26/04/1996 Craig Turley V. Fremantle

26/04/1996 Craig Turley V. Fremantle

25/08/1996 Jeff Farmer V. West Coast

10/05/1997 James McDonald V. Fremantle

15/08/1997 David Neitz V. West Coast

29/03/1998 Jim Stynes V. Fremantle

28/06/1998 James McDonald V. West Coast

3/07/1999 Andrew Leoncelli V. West Coast

8/04/2000 Shane Woewoddin V. Fremantle

6/08/2000 Adem Yze V. West Coast

5/05/2001 Brad Green V. Fremantle

1/07/2001 Nathan Brown V. West Coast

18/05/2002 Matthew Whelan V. Fremantle

18/08/2002 Travis Johnstone V. West Coast

24/08/2003 Russell Robertson V. West Coast

6/06/2004 Peter Vardy V. Fremantle

28/8/2004 Nathan Brown V. West Coast

24/07/2005 Jeff White V. Fremantle

28/05/2006 James McDonald V. West Coast

23/07/2006 Nathan Carroll V. Fremantle

20/05/2007 Travis Johnstone V. West Coast

25/08/2007 Award Not Presented V. Fremantle

20/08/2008 Cameron Bruce V. Fremantle

10/05/2009 Brent Moloney V. West Coast

18/07/2010 James Frawley V. Fremantle

28/04/2011 Colin Garland V. West Coast

07/04/2012 Nathan Jones V. West Coast

01/09/2012 Jack Grimes V. Fremantle

26/05/2013 Jeremy Howe V. Fremantle

23/08/2014 Bernie Vince V. West Coast

30/08/2015 Daniel Cross V. Fremantle

 23/07/2016 Nathan Jones & Max Gawn ( equal ) V. West Coast

24/06/2017 Jack Viney V.West Coast